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Editors Nova Scotia is pleased to announce the election of two new co-coordinators: Jamie Serran and Margo Grant.

Margo Grant:

Margo Grant

Throughout my career as a graphic designer, I’ve also been an informal editor. I’ve always had an affinity for working with words, whether it be typography, etymology, writing, or actually creating correctness, consistency and clarity in the texts I have to deal with.

Gradually, the practise of editing became more appealing to me than that of design, so I began taking on projects such as copyediting corporate RFP submissions. Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia events introduced me to some local editors and then to Editors Canada workshops. Here I found my coral reef.

Editors are probably some of the most interesting people on Earth: knowledgeable, humorous, collegial and often quirky. A recent online copyediting course through Ryerson University underlined that for me. It also revealed how much more I have to learn about editing. Being part of the Nova Scotia Twig will facilitate that learning process in the most pleasant way.

Jamie Serran:

Jamie Serran

My first memory of “editing” is sitting in my room at 3 years old, circling letters in my Dr. Seuss books…was I editing? Trying to read? Adding to my favourite stories? Whatever the case, I’ve had a love of words and reading for my entire life, and that love led me to pursue an English degree, and then to take the Book and Magazine Publishing program at Centennial College.

I spent a few years working as a fiction editor and a legal editor, and then I took a new career path into library and archival studies. I moved to Nova Scotia in 2008 to take an archivist position, but editing was never far from my mind, and I joined the Editors’ Association of Canada and did as much freelancing as I could from my little corner of rural Nova Scotia.

Today, I live in a slightly larger place – Halifax – and I’m still trying to do as much freelancing as I can. I still love reading, editing, and the editing world, and I’m thrilled to be part of the Nova Scotia twig where I can support my fellow editors across the province and connect with colleagues across the country.