About the Twig

Brand new twig: Editors Atlantic

In June of 2021, the Nova Scotia twig merged with the Newfoundland & Labrador twig to form the Atlantic twig of Editors Canada, aka Editors Atlantic. Founding co-chairs were Molly Rookwood and Margo Grant of the former Nova Scotia twig, and Sandy Newton of the former Newfoundland & Labrador twig.

At present, the Editors Atlantic co-chairs are Molly, Margo and Heather White

History of Editors Nova Scotia

Editors Nova Scotia arose from the hard work of several dedicated editors.

Nancy Holland approached a local group of editors, including Christine Beevis-Trickett, with the idea of forming the twig (so named because it’s too small to be a branch). It was a way to build capacity in anticipation of bidding to host the 2013 Editors Canada conference in Halifax.

The group met at the Halifax library and voted to submit a twig application to the national executive council, with Nancy and Christine co-chairing. Not long after, Editors Nova Scotia was formed. Then the twig met again at a restaurant downtown to decide whether it would be able to host the conference. And the answer was yes—we had enough volunteers. From there, the pitch was successful, and the 2013 Editors Canada conference would be held in Halifax.

Valerie Mansour and Nancy Holland (shown above), Christine Beevis-Trickett, Patricia MacDonald, Anne Curry, and Doug Linzey formed the conference committee and put on a show to remember!

The twig continues to grow to this day.

Table of Co-chairs of Editors Nova Scotia

Years Co-chair(s)
2011–2013 Christine Beevis-Trickett
2013–2015 Anne Curry
2015–2016 Anne Curry & Julia Cochrane


2020–June 2021

June–December 2021

December 2021–

Julia Cochrane & Alexandra Peace

Jamie Serran & Margo Grant

Margo Grant & Becky Skillin

Margo Grant, Molly Rookwood & Sandy Newton

Margo Grant, Molly Rookwood & Heather White

Ongoing events

Editors Nova Scotia runs regular events in the Halifax and Wolfville areas. All events are open to both members and non-members of Editors Canada.

Editors Nova Scotia schedules workshops or seminars about twice a year, in the spring and autumn. Past workshops have included Templates and Styles, Stylistic Editing, Citations, Eight-Step Editing, Plain Language, Grammar Boot Camp, and more.

We also run quarterly events that combine professional development with a social gathering. These events are available to people who would like to attend online. We have access to Zoom, a video conferencing tool, that allows you to join us for the professional development section of these meetings.

For information on any of these events (and to see how much fun we have), please check out the following pages: Upcoming Events, Past Events, and Photo Gallery.

Find an Editor

We offer two ways of getting work through Editors Nova Scotia. We pass on authors’ requests by email to members, and we have available editors listed on our website at Find an Editor.

Advantages of membership (adapted from www.editors.ca)

Get involved: Volunteer as a benefit of membership.

Connect with other editors: Join the email discussion forums, come to our twig meetings, and attend the annual conference.

Develop your skills: Take part in local seminars and online webinars.

Find work: List in the Online Directory of Editors (ODE) and check out the National Job Board.

Even more benefits are listed on the Editors Canada website.

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