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Nicola Aquino or

My primary focus currently is developmental editing (includes both structural and stylistic editing) of fiction. To date most work has been in fantasy.

Anne Curry

I edit non-fiction of all sorts and lengths, from magazine articles to research anthologies. I particularly enjoy editing theses, dissertations, and other academic documents in the arts and social sciences. I am most familiar with APA style (but regularly use others).

Barbara Daniels-Lake

I specialize in scientific editing, for scientific research papers, science books, brochures, and related information. My experience includes more than 20 years of research in plant biology, authoring dozens of scientific papers, peer-review of research manuscripts submitted to scientific journals for publication, substantive/format/copy editing of books and manuscripts, writing research proposals, grant applications and research reports for various audiences.

Cindy Dockendorff

I’m a stylistic and copy editor with a background in IT and small business management. I’ve worked on business proposals, marketing and web materials, as well as indie fiction and cookbooks.

Christine Gordon Manley or

I’ve been a freelance editor for almost 15 years, and I’ve been blessed to work in all kinds of industries and genres. I’ve edited science fiction manuscripts, memoirs, cookbooks, children’s literature, middle-grade fiction, young adult, pieces on health and wellness, journal articles, manuscripts for self-published authors, blogs about yoga, copy for insurance agencies, websites for travel agencies, emails for animal training, educational resources for pre-K, K, and grades 1–3, reports on mental health … you name it, my eyes have likely seen it.Currently, I co-own writing–editing business Manley Mann Media ( I also offer authors marketing services through this business. I’m also an author, and my first published book (children’s) is available through Breakwater Books (The Secret of Bowring Park).

Margo Grant

I have experience copy editing RFP responses and other non-fiction. I have an extensive background in graphic design and am very familiar with Adobe Creative Suite programs InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. My areas of interest include music, history, design, urban planning, and architecture.

Christine Jackson  |

I provide writing, structural/stylistic/copy editing, and document formatting services, primarily for business and academia. Most of my day-to-day work focuses on corporate materials, research reports, proposals, strategic plans, newsletters, and theses or dissertations, but I welcome opportunities from other sectors. Let’s talk about how to ensure your writing project gets the attention it deserves!

Glenna M. Jenkins

I specialize in academic/scholarly editing in business, economics, finance, government, international development, international relations, politics, sustainable development and the environment.

Susan Joudrey, PhD

For over a decade I’ve edited, copyedited, and created web content, educational resources, presentations, reports, research papers, journal articles, book manuscripts, letters and speeches. I developed my unique skill set by studying history, performance, and education. My specializations include: educational and academic writing/editing; writing and editing for cultural institutions; curriculum creation and editing; and editing for clarity, cultural inclusion and gendered language. The Royal Ontario Museum, Oxford University Press, Halifax Regional Municipality, Canadian Museum of History, Parks Canada, and UBC Press are some of my previous clients.

Antoinette Karuna or

As an editor and translator, I help businesses, cultural institutions, and government entities improve their communications. My areas of expertise are marketing and corporate communications; international development and government; tourism; and art, culture, and film.

Patricia MacDonald

I specialize in copy editing and proofreading books about sports, coaching, and physical education.

Margaret MacQuarrie or or

I have 30+ years’ experience as a writer and know how to work with fellow writers to make sure your communication is clear, correct, and consistent. I do copy editing, substantive editing, plain language editing, and proofreading. Specialties are annual reports, government documents, and corporate communications

Valerie Mansour

With a background in journalism, I can help you tell your story. I specialize in editing non-fiction writing in various fields including immigration, politics, and food.

Erin Miller or or (Facebook) @theeyrieediting

Editors Canada ODE listing

I offer line/stylistic editing, copy editing, and proofreading. While I am open to and interested in editing in many different areas, and I specialize in fiction—especially children’s fiction (including fiction for young children, middle grades, and YA), academic editing, and marketing and online materials.

Jena Parsons

I specialize in copy editing and stylistic editing of fiction manuscripts, author website content, and educational materials. My background and training are in the areas of literature, communications, and education.

Alexandra Peace or

I edit and proofread nonfiction documents (book length or shorter) on science, business, homeschooling, health, and special diets, and I index just about anything.

Rose Poirier

Writing and editing in the areas of health care and education, business, military, and sports. Public relations background. Areas of interest include history, events, design, cultures (Acadian, Scottish, and Indigenous),
and travel.

Paula Sarson or

PLS Editing Services brings 23 years of dedication to collaborate and deliver manuscript evaluations, stylistic editing, copyediting, and proofreading of a wide array of non-fiction, literary fiction, creative non-fiction, and academic texts for book publishers, art galleries, and private individuals.

Jamie Serran

I offer copy editing and stylistic editing of non-fiction material, including reports, proposals, and funding applications. Areas of specialty/interest include archives and heritage, history, and health and fitness.

Nicole Watkins Campbell or

I have edited everything from bookmarks to non-fiction books, including government reports, not-for-profit annual reports, and website text. I have written speeches, backgrounders for legislation, and promotional copy for concerts and other events. I appreciate people who write because I know the process, and I know I’d rather edit.